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United Kingdom, Cambridgeshire, Crowland, PE6 0JW
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Sunday, June 7, 2020 5:43:38 PM British Summer Time
Type of sale? Group Share
Undercarriage Type? Conventional
Seating? 4+ seats
Airfield location Crowland

Currently, we are a syndicate of seven, maybe looking to increase to a maximum of ten. 

All our current members a very active flyers, but as we all have other aircraft shares and access to a host of other aircraft there is still very good availability with the Yak.

Based at Peterborough & Spalding Gliding Club (PSGC) Crowland, South Lincolnshire. This is an opportunity to own a share in a unique aeroplane, being one of only 2 in the UK.

Built-in 1956 and imported from Poland May 2019 after a complete rebuild.
* 260HP radial engine.
* 833 radio, mode S transponder.
* Excellent availability with online booking.
* Takes four adults with full fuel and luggage.
* Also Used for tugging gliders (current members able to train for this), and for Para dropping.

The total asset cost is £31,000, which currently gives a 1/7th share price of £4500, along with healthy funds in the bank. The aircraft is being transitioned from the Polish register to the UK. Cost of the transition will be reflected in the final asset cost - as its the second one, all hopes are on it being a smooth process.

Running Costs
* Group members pay £45 per hour dry, and an annual fee based on maintenance.
* Monthly fees are £60 for the hangar costs.
* Fuel burn is circa 50 litres, and 1 litre of Oil
* PSGC flying membership is £290 per year
Becoming a member of PSGC also gives full flying access to 2 x Puchacz gliders, 2 x Astir gliders, 1 x Grob II glider, Beagle Husky D5 tug, and Piper Pawnee tug.

Although we will consider all levels of pilot, and training for all the aircraft and gliders is available from the current syndicate instructors and CRI members.  It would be very advantageous to have 100 hours P1 post-license issue, with a tailwheel rating, and CS propellor difference training completed.



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